30%and a free shower
From 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.*
30 minutesfor RUB 1,500
Business lunch from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.*
Every 5th hour is on us
at our expense!*
20% off
on your birthday*
for a bachelor party*

The cost of one-hour program of erotic massage
RUB 2,000

About us

On an anonymous basis

No sexual intercourse allowed

18 and older

One of a kind

Disposable bed linen

Free parking

7 to 10 beautiful nymphs, blondes and brunettes, miniature dolls and tall models work to please you. We offer the most lovely, beautiful, tender, and delicate girls. Do not hesitate to call and visit us – we will answer all your questions.

The Moscow-based elite salon of erotic relaxation and rest will be pleased to let its welcome guests immerse themselves in the atmosphere of truly healingly pleasure and set them off on a journey to the magical world of erotic excitement and fireworks of ecstasy.

Our privileged men’s salon is the leader among the competitors located in the Moscow’s downtown, distinguished by its top-quality services and excellent reputation. If you are a true connoisseur of erotica, it is only here where you will appreciate the latest techniques of traditional relaxation massage and will have an opportunity to try some delicacies! It is an ideal place to arrange a birthday or bachelor party or a hen’s night and hang out in the company of our beautiful temptresses.

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It is no coincidence that you entered our website, so enjoy it: our salon offers upmarket erotic programs. Our beautiful girls will be happy to please you. You will get top-quality quality services. Here are some reasons to choose our salon of a relaxation.

From when it was opened, our salon of erotic massage and relaxation has proven itself as a reputable place to visit. Here you will live the most intimate erotic fantasies that have been living in the corners of your mind for long, even those you are ashamed of.

Come visit us to enjoy a nice cozy interior, relaxing atmosphere, perfectly clean showers with shower gel, Jacuzzi tub, air conditioning in each room, sauna, steam baths, steam room attendant services, swimming pool, dousing bucket, bar, hookah and two large lounges, karaoke, billiards. We have created all the conditions necessary for the quality rest for men and women: a sense of comfort, warm atmosphere, disposable bed linen and slippers, terry towels, single-use bath accessories. If you are looking for a place to have some rest and relaxation, you are our welcome guest anytime 24/7.

Our salon of erotic massage and relaxation is open to you anytime 24/7. Once you enter the doors of our salon of erotic relaxation, you automatically become the cynosure of all eyes. Our beautiful nymphs will take you to the fabulous world of new sensations for twenty-four hours or longer – it is all up to you.

Our beautiful female employees fully correspond to the photos posted on our website.

All types of erotic massage are delivered by specially qualified beautiful therapists trained in various massage techniques in deed and not in name. They can easily deliver you an erotic program. To do it, you can choose the girl you like most.

Our salon of erotic massage stands out from the rest with its distinctiveness, including but not limited to an unhackneyed approach to the techniques of traditional massage. Spending a pleasant time with hot beauties gives the client the unique opportunity to forget about the hustles and bustles of his routine life and find himself in a galaxy far, far away, gone astray in fantastic ecstasy.

Absolutely all the services offered at our salon of erotic massage are delivered in an atmosphere of delicate fragrances of essential oils to soothing tunes, and, of course, by the most beautiful and sexy girls in the city. Only here you will enjoy the most daring erotic massage options, which will help you find your peace of mind, fell like new. You will become a sort of magnet attracting the opposite sex. Nowadays, people’s lives are full of haste and bustle. Against this background, the importance of erotic relaxation is difficult to overestimate. That is why smart and reasonable highfliers regularly resort to the services of our erotic salon and our beautiful female employees and visit our sauna and baths — an up-to-date erotic salon should be equipped with such things. As our customers put it, the burning desire to go on with having fun after a relaxing procedure comes during the session. And it is very convenient if all the conditions for having it could be arranged for you at one and the same place. Our erotic salon offers a wide range of extra services to take you to cloud number nine. Where can you get some rest and a fantastic erotic relaxation? You can have it all here! Your body and soul need rejuvenation. That is why we are always looking forward to welcoming you in our salon of erotic relaxation. Today, it goes without saying: erotic relaxation is not a luxury, but an urgent need. Our programs and other relaxing procedures are relevant for the sterner and the softer sex. Our erotic salon welcomes men, women, and couples.

In recent years, erotic relaxation has grown popular. The programs of this kind our erotic salon ensure complete relaxation of the body, along with an unforgettable rest. Thanks to the emotional expression that you will experience during the massage session, you can completely forget about any worries and dream a little while enjoying life.

In addition, complete relaxation often requires a hotel or apartments for an hour. It is just great when you do not have to roam the city streets in search of a room for the night. You can book it with the Nuru erotic salon and relax after erotic relaxation, even sleep or have a chat with a beautiful nymph using the bar or come with your companion or relax with our lovely girls, visit our sauna and pool accompanied by our temptress. Here, at our salon, you can have a great time and enjoy a new lease on life – we will arrange it for you.

It is easy to organize a bachelor party or a hen’s night, a birthday party or any other event in the steam bath or sauna, with bathhouse services at your disposal! Since our place is not only a men/women’s salon, but also a bath complex, you can relax emotionally and physically, choosing any massage session or a comprehensive program.

Erotic relaxation is the very procedure that will surely leave you fully satisfied and rested. We always do care about improving the professional skills of our temptresses, so be sure to have a lot of fun. Order an erotic program at our salon, and you will fully relax! The list of massage procedures, along with extra services, photos of our sauna and baths are available on our website. Make yourself a well-deserved gift. Erotic relaxation is the perfect option for a full relaxation. Call us now and have yourself an unforgettable rest! You can trust our professional temptresses – your visit will remain a secret. You will have a wonderful rest with us and make your wildest fantasies come true.